The habit of smoking is affecting all the internal organs of the body which causes deeper effects also. The major diseases and reduction of immunity power is also caused due to the continues smoking of the persons. The quitting of smoking can help the smokes to reduce the risk of early death as well as all the smoking related diseases. Many studies show that America has been facing a great tragedy since the number of people living there is reduced to a large extent because of the regular habit of smoking in them in the recent years.

Studies show that around four laky and eight thousand people cause death in a year in America due to smoking. There are many other reasons which result in the death of the people. It includes Human Immune deficiency virus or HIV, drug use which is illegal, use of alcohol, injuries caused by motor vehicles, incidents related to firearm and many more. But the report is so pathetic that the deaths caused due to these reasons are comparatively low when compared with the deaths caused due to smoking. The major health issues caused due to the smoking should also not be forgotten.

One of the major health issue caused due to smoking is the lungs diseases which is fatal in nature. It is quite dangerous that to smoke in any level since it does not contain any small substance which is not harmful in nature of good for health. No safe substances are present in the cigarettes but lot of harmful substances like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. It is quite important to be noted that the effect of tobacco is not only to the lungs but also to the entire body so that a complete destruction is taking place.

The effect of smoking to the body in long term so that the entire body is undoubtedly affected here. Many medical experts have the opinion that the effects of smoking in each body can be different. For instance some of the effects can be so early while some can take long term to be caused ad visible to the user. It all depends of the health condition of the user as well as the rate in which he or she smokes. Thus the user must be first aware of the health condition or the condition of the body. Then only the habit should be increased or continued.

There are different diseases immediate or slow, caused to the user. It includes, tabulation of mood, early menopause, anxiety and irritability, poor vision, smelly hair, non proper sense of smell and taste, unhealthy teeth, lung cancer, bronchitis, persistent coughing, constructed blood vessels, diseases caused to heart, COPD, high cholesterol, loss of appetite, low immune system, yellow color I the fingers, infertility, wrinkly skin, diabetes and later complications etc.

Smoking is a harmful habit which can lead a person to death. The effects of smoking on different persons can be of different ways on the basis of various factors.