1. Mood stimulation

Every human is different with various kinds of individual characteristics. How a person reacts to each situation is also completely based on the way he thinks or how his mood is. Thus the mood of adperson plays an important role in his daily since the interpersonal relationships in the places wherever we go is highly depended on what we think and how we react. As far as a smoker is concerned, he or she many have sudden mood changes or stimulation in moods without his or her control. The mood that a person gets when he or she smoke may be good or pleasing, but the after effects are not that good… they can be the victims of anxiety and irritability which may later becomes so difficult or challenging for them to manage.

  1. Early Menopause

The number of females who smoke is also getting increased especially in the developed count tries like America and Australia. The health of the female smokers is affected more adversely than the male ones in some cases. It includes the early menopause which badly affects the sexual life of the smokers. This can also cause stress and pressure in them which can later lead to other health issues.

  1. Anxiety and irritability

The addictive nature of nicotine makes the situation so worse in which the continuous smoker may find it so difficult to withdraw himself from the habit of smoking. Whenever he or she is supposed to take a break from smoking it lead them to feel they are bit on the edge. This also increases the anxiety level in them. Later the anxiety is led to cause irritability in them.

  1. Poor vision

Vision is the life. If we are not able to see properly the independence and pleasure is lost to a large extent. This is one of the dreadful effects of continuous smoking. This may cause depending on the individual capacity of each persons. So that it can be immediate or sometimes slow to some tobacco users. The future vision is however in trouble for the smokers. There are many other diseases which are likely to cause when they continue the habit of smoking. It I includes glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts.

  1. Smelly hair

This seems to be one of the unnoticeable changes in the health condition of the regular smokers in the most cases. The continuous smoking can accuse some bad smells to the hair as well as the clothes that the smoker wears. This is even possible inn case of the second hand smokers or passive smokers. Later the smells become permanent in nature so that it becomes hard to spend time with the smokers.

Smoking is one of the major reasons why many people in the early life stage cause serious health issues those results in death of them. There are many serious health issues caused like poor vies, early menopause, stimulation of mood, smelly hair, anxiety and irritability when the smoking is withdrawn for some time.