1. Improper sense of taste and smell

One of the major issues faced b the regular smokers is the reduction of appetite so that they get a lower immune system and malnutrition. How this is caused is something which is not known to many of them. This is caused by the dull sense of taste and smell which an after effect of regular smoking is. This in turn reduces the hunger and the proper nutrition is lacked to the person. This will lead to the bad health conditions which is one of the major reasons for the other health issues.

  1. Unhealthy teeth

The hygiene of a person is so important when we live in the society. The relationships between people can only be maintained in a better way if the physical as well as mental elements are working in an appealing manner. A regular smoker may find many problems in his or her social life since the way of appearance many not be that pleasing to the oath people. The unhealthy teeth are the major issue faced by such people. The stains of tobacco remain in the teeth of the user as yellowish or brownish which restrain people from mingling with that particular person. This mostly happen in case of a spousal relationships. There are many divorce applications filed in the courts on the grounds of addiction of the spouses. It is also important to be noted that this is a long term effect of smoking which can even cause inflammations and infections. These kinds of situations lead to the loss of tooth or bone.

  1. Lung cancer

This is treated as one of the most common worse consequences of the smoking. There is no gender variation for the causing of cancer due to smoking. Many studies show that the major reason why both men and women die due to smoking is the causing of lung cancer. The lung cancer is difficult to find out since the symptoms of cancer is not that identifiable? In most of the cases the patients find out the cancer in the body only in the danger stages so that an escape is then impossible.

  1. Bronchitis

The most affected part of the bossy due to smoking is the respiratory system. The diseases like bronchitis and many other respiratory diseases can be caused to even the second hand smokers or the passive smokers. There are many other such diseases caused like tuberculosis, pneumonia etc.

  1. Persistent coughing

This is one of the signs of identifying a regular smoker. This is so irritating for the people who mingle with the smokers since the interpersonal relationships and communication is also affected in a very bad manner. This is caused due to the damages to the airways in the body.

How adperson who smoke regularly is affected is quite dangerous since all of his life areas are severely affected. The major diseases include persistent couching, bronchitis, lung cancer, unhealthy teeth, improper sense of taste and smell and many more.